Short vs tall


In the manufacturing sector, picking and assembling material kits from pallets with pallet collars is a common task, especially in industries like the automotive sector where components arrive on pallets from various suppliers. To improve workflow and reduce strain on workers, methods such as tilting pallets during picking from pallet collars have become common. It’s […]

Save space and storage costs

Isp 6812

With our products, you can fit more items into a smaller space. This frees up valuable floor space and increases your storage capacity. Why expand when you can use your premises in a smarter way?Traditional warehouses are often filled with pallet racks that contain a lot of unused space. Material handling products that are sized […]

Why do you need a CSU?

Industribyra 2018 330x240 1

CSU stands for Compact Storage Unit and is exactly what it means, a module that is very compact. It is designed to bring in as many levels of pull-out shelves at as ergonomic a picking level as possible.From an ergonomic perspective, it is an advantage to work at levels between knee height and shoulder height. […]

Pallet Separators

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If you’re using pallets or pallet boxes for temporary storage at an assembly station, you may also still want to access each pallet to pick components. Then you need our Pallet Separators. These are galvanised steel brackets which fit over each corner of the pallet or pallet box and support the next pallet, with a […]

Pallet collar grip

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If you lose small details between the pallet collar and the pallet, you need a way to hold the collar down on to the pallet. There are different ways the market to do this, eg banding the pallet with steel bands or plastic bands. This is time consuming, and you can only use the material […]

Floor mounted pull out unit

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Floor-mounted (FM) units fit under the rack and are compatible with almost any type of pallet racking, but can also be used as freestanding units.They are fixed to the floor with bolts through the lower frames, which act as rails for the upper frames to slide out on bearings, and are supported by high quality […]

Beam mounted pull out units

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Our products mean you can store more stuff in less space. This frees up valuable floor space and/or increases your storage capacity. Why expand when you can simply use your existing space in a smarter way? Warehouses are often full of pallet racking which is holding mostly air. Storage units sized to suit your exact […]

TSU Tool Storage Unit

Tsu toolstorage unit

If you have production processes that involve the use of heavy tools this is the storage system for you. This type of tools can be difficult to handle and yet their availability can be decisive for daily operations. Here is an opportunity for flexible storage where you need, it for example at a machine or […]

Compact Storage Unit

Pallet racking compact storage

These units are simple, strong and versatile and pack a huge amount of easy-access storage into a footprint hardly bigger than a Euro pallet (1206mm D x 880mm W). A rigid steel frame with slotted uprights allows for customisation. Ideal for either stationary, movable or mobile storage of mostly smaller items – have all your […]

Document holders with wire hangers

Lagermarkning 330x240 1 1

This plastic pocket is made of clear plastic and has a welded wire hanger made of flexible spring steel. It´s suitable for net containers, pallet collars and shelf fronts. It´s available with an open top or with a flap that closes the opening and provides extra protection against moisture and dust. All our plastic pockets […]