Our products mean you can store more stuff in less space. This frees up valuable floor space and/or increases your storage capacity. Why expand when you can simply use your existing space in a smarter way?

Warehouses are often full of pallet racking which is holding mostly air. Storage units sized to suit your exact needs help to make your space work for you. Pull-out units are a key feature of a modern, rational storage system.Beam-mounted pull-out units are mounted on the cross-beams between the pallet racking uprights. The lower frame of the pull-out unit is bolted to the beams and the upper frame slides out carrying the pallet with it. Pallets may be loaded directly onto the units, but other options allow for storage on open shelving, in plastic bins and in cartons. Being able to pull the units out of the rack allows for safe and easy access to stored items!

Beam-mounted pull-out units are available in a range of capacities up to 1500kg and in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. They can cater for all pallet sizes and types (wood, steel, plastic), front or rear loading at the pallet rack, short or long-side handling, as well as for pallet collars with dividers, containers, bins and loose storage. The base frame Beam-mounted pull-out unit is for pallets.