We primarily target companies and organizations and therefore all prices are presented excluding VAT

This is how you shop

When you have selected a product you want to buy, click on buy to add the product to the Shopping Cart. In the same way, you add additional products to your shopping cart.

After you have added all the products you want to buy in the shopping cart, go to the checkout , whose link you will find at the menu at the top – checkout icon– on the current page.

Select the desired delivery method. Read more about our different delivery methods .

Make sure that all the products you want to buy are in your shopping cart. If you want to change the number or delete a product, you can do so at checkout. If you want to add a product to your shopping cart, look it up as usual and click on buy to update the shopping cart, and then click on to checkout again.

Select the payment method you wish to use. Read more about our different payment methods & financing .

Fill in your address and personal information . You also fill in the e-mail address and the telephone number (preferably mobile number) that you can most easily reach.

When all the information has been filled in correctly and you have ensured that you have added the right products to the shopping cart, you choose to confirm your order by clicking Finish .

When you confirm your order, your payment is handled according to the terms of the payment method you have chosen and the delivery methods you want.

You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail confirming that we have received your order.

You will also receive an e-mail with a delivery confirmation in connection with your products leaving our warehouse.

You can reach us and order by phone, smartstoring.se, or letter.


Henån: 0304-809080


order@smartstoring.se, if you want to get in touch with a seller or have questions regarding products or orders.
info@smartstoring.se   if you have questions regarding transport damage, complaints or returns.


TSM Smartstoring AB
Töllås 431
473 91 Henån


What happens when I place an order?


When you place an order with us, you will always receive a confirmation from us via email within one working day, where you will see the estimated delivery time for your order and contact information for your specific seller. Remember to double check that all information is correct.

Credit rating

We always make a credit assessment before we approve your order. If it is not approved, we will contact you and you will then have the opportunity to pay in advance.

How do I pay and what does it cost?


Our prices are always shown excluding VAT.


Shipping (shown in the shopping cart) including any packaging costs will be added. Our shipping prices apply within Sweden. The minimum price for shipping is SEK 195. For shipping outside Sweden’s borders, please contact one of our sellers.

Payment method

With us, you can pay via invoice, Paypal or in advance.


For invoices, 30 days net applies. Delivered goods remain the property of Smart Storing until full payment has been made. Terms of sale according to the industry recommendations in NL-09.

Interest on arrears

The default interest rate is in accordance with the Interest Act 1975: 635, the applicable reference interest rate with the addition of 8 percentage points.

When do I get my goods and how?

Delivery time

Most of our goods are sent within 2-4 working days. Some items are made to order and in these cases the delivery time may exceed 10 working days. Our delivery times apply to deliveries within Sweden. For deliveries outside Sweden, please contact one of our sellers.

When using Schenker’s additional services or larger orders, the delivery time may be affected. The same applies to delivery to odd places and Norrland.

For further information regarding delivery times, contact one of Smart Storing’s competent sales staff at 0304-809080.

All delivery times assume that the current day is deducted.


We deliver each product as soon as possible, which means that your order can be divided into several deliveries.

We use Schenker to ensure that your goods arrive safely to you on time. Delivery takes place on weekdays between 07.00-17.00. Delivery takes place at street level, but of course we can help you with delivery. Contact one of our sellers or state this in your order, and we will help with this for a fee.

We apply general delivery regulations in accordance with the industry recommendations in the Nordic Freight Forwarders’ Association’s General Regulations, NSAB 2000.

If you have your own transport agreement with DHL, Schenker, or any other carrier that you want to use instead, you state this in your order.

What should I keep in mind when I receive my order?

Always check your goods

Upon receipt of delivery, any visible damage to goods or packaging must be noted on the consignment note or in a hand scanner before the delivery is acknowledged. Visible and hidden damage must be reported to Smart Storing within seven days of receipt with presentation of photos of goods and packaging. SmartStoring disclaims all responsibility for delivery errors if the above criteria are not met.

Where do I turn if something goes wrong?

Transport damage

Visible transport damage must be noted DIRECTLY on the driver’s hand scanner. Visible AND hidden transport damage must be reported to Smart Storing within seven days. Get in touch by phone 0304-809080 or e-mail: info@smartstoring.se


Our products always have at least one year warranty for malfunctions and manufacturing defects. The guarantee applies to normal use within the maximum limits that apply to the product, e.g. lifting capacity. Some products have a longer warranty period, this is then stated for each product.

Open purchase

Always contact Smart Storing in the event of a return or complaint and we will help you further. The easiest way to do this is via e-mail at info@smartstoring.se

We apply a 30-day full right of return to our standard products, ie all products that are not adapted to the customer’s wishes in terms of dimensions and color. This presupposes adequate packaging and unused product. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost if return takes place on its own initiative.

What more should I know? 

Limitation of liability

Smart Storing is not responsible for so-called indirect damages, such as loss of income, costly costs or damage to other than the delivered goods.


We reserve the right to make printing errors, such as price or other information. Due to printing technical reasons, it can also be difficult to specify exact color shades on the products in the catalog.

We reserve the right to change prices and designs, as well as typos or other errors that are beyond our control.

Delivery delays

In the event of delivery delays, you as a customer have the opportunity to complain about the order according to NL-01. Any loss of income in connection with a delay is not compensated.

Discounts and offers

We have ongoing product promotions and other offers. These promotions and offers apply separately. For any discount or promotional codes, these can be used on our standard range and regular prices.

Please contact us for more details.