Pull-out units

Beam-mounted units

Beam-mounted units are mounted on the beams in a pallet rack. Normally, pallets are handled on the units, but a steel shelf panel makes it possible to store smaller items such as plastic bins or cartons directly on the unit.

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Floor-mounted units

Floor-mounted units fit under pallet racks but can also be used as free-standing units. They are fixed to the floor with bolts through floor rails that act as guide rails. Being able to pull the units out of the pallet rack enables quick, easy and safe access to stored products.

Upright-mounted unit

Once you have the racking, there is a whole range of Upright-mounted units (UM) to select from in order to create your perfect storage systems. UM units can be fitted anywhere on the uprights with no need for a cross-beam. In fact the units themselves act as beams to stabilise the racking.

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Large linked pull-out units

Large linked units are suitable for storing items such as pipes, tubing and sheet materials.

These are two pull-out units linked together with a mid-section. Mount the linked units in your standard paller racking and you have a cost-effective and practical storage unit.


With our electric pull-out unit, e-EPU, ergonomics can be further improved by eliminating all manual handling forces.

e-EPU is suitable for really heavy goods, where you often need a traverse or other lifting tools. It can also be used in robotic cells and integrated into a fully automatic picking solution.

Electric pull out ergonomic