Customized Solutions

We do not only produce series-produced standard products – we can tailor a product for you to make it optimal considering the dimensions, appearance or function. Below you can see some examples of customized products from our most requested categories. We are also open to suggestions for other types of adaptations!


One of our most requested customized solutions is changes in dimension. Here we see an example where we have changed a Compact Storgae Unit with two-way shelves into a storage solution for large material.

The outside dimensions of the stand are W=2541 mm and D=1392 mm. The standard height is 1560 mm. This Compact Storage Module is equipped with 12 pull-out shelves that can be pulled out in two directions. The cargo area is W=2424 mm D=1303 mm.

It is also equipped with forklift slots for safe and easy moving.

Tailor made storage modules


It is common that there is a need to equip our products with steel cladding, drawer fronts in different materials, or entire drawer sides in steel, plastic or wood. The choice of material is often determined by the environment in which the storage will be. In some businesses such as handling food, it is not allowed to use wood, where stainless steel or plastic materials become the obvious choice. The most common are wooden box sides. In other environments, perhaps the choice of color is an important factor.

Special Functions

Standard units can have complementary products fitted for particular purpose.

In these two examples, one are intended for storing long goods, the other is a combined pallet live storage system with a roller lane on top on a pull-out unit.

S7 packade enheter

Special surface treatment

Our most requested special order? Colours other than the standard blue and grey!


It is also possible to get electrogalvanized if you so wish. We also manufacture stainless steel units such as for the demanding offshore industry. In addition to this, we also offer rubber mats and polyurethane coated surfaces.