Storage Modules

Compact Storage Unit

Compact Storage Units pack a huge amount of easy-access storage into a footprint hardly bigger than a Euro pallet. 

Compact Storage Units benefit from a modular construction and a big range of accessories, so they are adaptable to meet your particular needs.

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Psu unit


PSU (Pallet Storage Unit) is a complete rack for pallet-handled goods.

If you have production processes that involve the use of heavy pallets where you pick components, this is the storage system for you. This type of handling can be difficult to achieve in a limited area, but can nevertheless be decisive for daily operations.

Here is an opportunity for flexible storage where you need it, for example at a machine or production line.


If you have production processes that involve the use of heavy tools, TSU, (Tool Storage Unit) is the storage system for you. This type of tools can be difficult to handle and yet their availability can be decisive for daily operations. 

The shelves are equipped with an extra-strong and thick steel shelf panel that can withstand high point loads, the shelves also has rubber mats as standard. The unit has a metal shelf on top that can serve as extra storage but also as a dust cover.

Tsu unit


Smart Storings Trojka is a floor mounted pull-out unit with a 3-sided shelf. This solution is cost-effective and enables a lot of storage on a small floor space.

The unit is designed especially for third part logistics that handle lighter details. It´s ergonomic and easy to use and has a large selection of practical accessories


MPU (Mobile Pallet Unit) are like Compact Storage Units, but for handling  pallets. That means they can be loaded with a fork lift truck, and they are strong enough to take heavy loading. However they are also designed for easy mobility – either using a fork lifter or by fitting wheels. Often used at assembly stations in larger factories.

Mobile pallet racking system