In the manufacturing sector, picking and assembling material kits from pallets with pallet collars is a common task, especially in industries like the automotive sector where components arrive on pallets from various suppliers. To improve workflow and reduce strain on workers, methods such as tilting pallets during picking from pallet collars have become common.

It’s also advantageous if pallets with pallet collars can be pulled out to achieve a more ergonomic picking frequency. According to researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, it’s important to avoid picking from large packaging, such as pallets with pallet collars, to reduce strain on the body. Through several studies, researchers have examined how this task can be streamlined and enhanced. Measurements taken at Volvo Trucks have shown differences in strain depending on the picker’s height.

Although tall pickers have the advantage of reaching all components on the pallet, the strain on their bodies may be higher in certain situations compared to shorter pickers. Short pickers, on the other hand, have the advantage of easily reaching components close to the body, such as on the nearest short side of the packaging. It’s important to note that employers are not allowed to discriminate based on height, as determined by a specific case in labor court where an employer required a certain height for recruiting car assemblers.

Therefore, it’s crucial to explore and provide solutions that cater to both short and tall individuals to create a work environment that is safe and efficient for everyone. Considering different body types and ergonomic factors can lead to improvements in workflow and the well-being of all employees.

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