If you have production processes that involve the use of heavy tools this is the storage system for you. This type of tools can be difficult to handle and yet their availability can be decisive for daily operations. Here is an opportunity for flexible storage where you need, it for example at a machine or production line. With a TSU (Tool Storage Unit) you have 2–5 extendable shelves with 70% or 100% pull-out capacity and a full 600 kg weight capacity per shelf. This means that you have easy access to the tools with lifting equipment. The shelves are equipped with an extra-strong and thick steel shelf panel that can withstand high point loads, the shelves also has rubber mats as standard. The unit has a metal shelf on top that can serve as extra storage but also as a dust cover. The lower plates on the long sides are for lifting the whole unit with a pallet truck and placing it where you want it. The front and rear lower profile stabilizes the unit during transport, it can be removed after the unit is bolted to the floor. As an alternative you can order the unit with a transport lock, which means that when one shelf is pulled out the others are locked.