If you lose small details between the pallet collar and the pallet, you need a way to hold the collar down on to the pallet. There are different ways the market to do this, eg banding the pallet with steel bands or plastic bands. This is time consuming, and you can only use the material once.
With Smart Storing’s collar grip for pallet collars, you lock the collars with a simple hand grip. They are made of strong sprung steel wire, ridged on the underside so it stay where it´s put.
Simply snap into place, two at each long-side – no need to tie or lash the collar down any more – and the grip can be used over and over. Available for one, two, three or four pallet collars in height, in sets of four.
An effective collar grip that prevents the collar from being lifted in the event of involuntary contact, or heavy braking during transport of the pallet. Prevents details from flowing out between pallet and pallet collar.