CSU stands for Compact Storage Unit and is exactly what it means, a module that is very compact. It is designed to bring in as many levels of pull-out shelves at as ergonomic a picking level as possible.From an ergonomic perspective, it is an advantage to work at levels between knee height and shoulder height. This is not always possible but it is good to keep it in mind when deciding where to place your articles. In a CSU with, for example, five pull-out levels, the most frequent items are placed on level 3, then level 4, then 5 and 2. The least frequent items are placed on level 1. (Counting from below).

The stands for these CSUs have an external width of 880 mm, which allows them to fit on the floor in most pallet racks. The shelves themselves have a loading area of d=1200 mm w=800 mm, which is the perfect measurement as it is possible to use a variety of standardized storage products. The popular wooden frames have this standard dimension, which offers the possibility of using the divider accessory for 4, 8 or 16 compartments. In addition to this, there are a variety of sizes and heights of plastic boxes that fit perfectly on the shelf. The sizes of the plastic boxes are available in divisible dimensions starting from 1200 x 800 mm in sizes from 800 x 600 mm down to 200 x 150 mm. If you want even smaller components stored, you should check out Flexibox. It is 800 x 600 mm in size and has 48 compartments per box. You can fit 2 such Flexiboxes on one shelf, which gives you a total of 96 article spaces on one shelf. In addition to that, the Flexibox can be selected in height in 50 mm intervals from 50 mm to 200 mm

From a financial perspective, it is good to look over what height you need for your articles in storage. All shelves in a CSU are adjustable in height with an interval of 30 mm. This means that you can optimize storage in great detail to get as many items as possible on as little floor space as possible. The space between the shelves can therefore vary on the various levels if desired. As standard, a CSU is delivered according to with the shelves positioned according to as even a distribution as possible. But if you want something else, it is entirely possible.


– Up to 9 shelves or drawers per unit

– No installation or assembly required

– Fully mobile with optional wheels fitted

-Fits under a pallet rack into a single pallet space

– Easy to move by truck with optional fork lift pockets fitted

– Shelves convert to drawers simply by adding plastic boxes or pallet collars

– Useful accessories and safety features for customising to your requirements

– Flexible, modular design – use pull-out units as shelves or as drawers, and change configuration later if required.