Pallet Separators

If you’re using pallets or pallet boxes for temporary storage at an assembly station, you may also still want to access each pallet to pick components. Then you need our Pallet Separators. These are galvanised steel brackets which fit over each corner of the pallet or pallet box and support the next pallet, with a […]

Pallet collar grip

If you lose small details between the pallet collar and the pallet, you need a way to hold the collar down on to the pallet. There are different ways the market to do this, eg banding the pallet with steel bands or plastic bands. This is time consuming, and you can only use the material […]

Document holders with wire hangers

This plastic pocket is made of clear plastic and has a welded wire hanger made of flexible spring steel. It´s suitable for net containers, pallet collars and shelf fronts. It´s available with an open top or with a flap that closes the opening and provides extra protection against moisture and dust. All our plastic pockets […]