Beam-mounted pull-out units

Our pull-out units are supplied ready assembled and fully tested.

Manufacturing happens on site at our ownfactory in Sweden, so we have control of
the whole process. That way we can offeran efficient service and quality


Choose between 70% or 100% extraction capacity

Easy to install – simply secure to the crossbeams using 4 bolts

Maximum loading capacities from 200 kg to 1500 kg per unit

The fact that we use high-quality certified steel with known and consistent properties also contributes to safety

Our pull-out units are supplied ready
assembled and fully tested.

Beam-mounted (BM) units are mounted on the cross-beams between
the pallet racking uprights. The lower frame of the pull-out unit is
bolted to the beams and the upper frame slides out carrying the
pallet with it.

Pallets may be loaded directly onto the units, but other options allow
for storage on open shelving, in plastic bins and in cartons. Being able
to pull the units out of the rack allows for safe and easy access to
stored items!

BM units are available in a range of capacities up to 1500kg and in
a variety of formats to suit your requirements. They can cater for
all pallet sizes and types (wood, steel, plastic), front or rear loading
at the pallet rack, short or long-side handling, as well as for pallet
collars with dividers, containers, bins and loose storage. The base
frame BM unit is for pallets.


The loading surface, perfect for Euro crates, boxes, tools etc.

The loading surface consists of a galvanised steel sheet with raised
edges, perfect for Euro crates, boxes, tools etc.

Model is for placing a pallet collar directly on the unit – it has a flat surface with no edges. The pallet collar serves as a powerful and affordable frame that is possible to compartmentalized by dividers. Unit locks when pushed back into the rack.

Accessories for Beam-mounted units

A pull-out unit locking system avoids the danger of the cross-beam
being overloaded. The lock is available for two, three or four pallet-width
bays and locks one section at the time. When one unit is pulled out, the
others are locked. Normally this lock is placed at the back. We also have
a lock that is placed under the unit; this is typically used when there isn’t
enough room behind, for example if you have double pallet racks, or if
you load from the rear.

Rear pallet stop
An angle profile which can be
fitted to the back of the unit to
stop the pallet sliding too far
back when the unit is pushed in.
Supplied ready fitted to unit.

Feet for BM unit for mounting BM units off the floor. Two sizes, for up to 800kg units and up
to 1000kg units. Height 150mm, galvanized steel.

Foot-operated lock release catch Recommended for units installed close to floor level.

Floor mounting profiles
For mounting BM units close to the floor. Three versions,
for short-side and long-side forward handling up to
1000kg, and for short-side handling up to 1500kg.
Height 35mm, galvanized steel.

Lock in extended position
Sometimes you want to lock the unit when it´s pulled out, for example while picking
or loading goods. This lock is also useful with narrow aisles, so that when the unit is
fully pulled out you can load a pallet from the side.

Front pallet stop
A pair of steel plates for mounting either side
of the unit at the front, acts as a safety stop
when loading a pallet from the rear.

Important Safety Information

  • -The pallet racking must be bolted to the floor (see
    manufactures instructions)

  • -Rear cross beam must be bolted to the pallet racking
    uprights (minimum dimension M8)

  • -The pull-out unit must be bolted to the rear cross-beam
    with the fitting kit provided

  • -Each pair of cross beams must have load capacity
    according to table on next page

  • -Only one pull-out unit in each section (pair of cross
    beams) may be pulled out at a time.

  • -With using pull-out units in different levels of one rack only
    in one level a pull-out unit be pulled-out at the same time

  • -See separate notice for maximum evenly distributed
    loading weight per pull-out unit

  • -Directly after using the pull-out unit, it must be pushed
    back – check that it’s locked!